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Useful resources

Support mailing list for polyamorous people in relationships with monogamous people:
Support mailing list for monogamous people in relationships with polyamorous people:
An excellent book to read with your partner:
Opening Up. by Tristan Taormino  MonoPoly - The New Game!
Cunning Minx's Report from Anita's Class at Poly Living 2009  -
Secondary Trouble in Poly/Mono Land -
Poly/Mono:  Not Foreign Species  -
Queer Sex Advice for Straight girls:  Can Monogamous People Date Poly People?  -
Smart Love: Mono-poly -
Counseling Mixed Polyamorous/Monogamous Relationships -
When Monogamy and Poly Intersect  -
Poly/Mono Advice from Mama Jen -
So You're Monogamous but You've Fallen for Someone Who's Polyamorous... -
A Different Mono/Poly Dialogue -
Ask Poly:  A Poly-Mono Combination  -
Is She Really Going Out With Him?  Poly/Mono Partnerships -
How to Love a Polyamorist

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